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            There are no upcoming events.

            PAST EVENTS

            Team Boston visits LJIC Fort Dodge!

            Start date: July 12, 2018

            End date: July 13, 2018



            We are so excited to welcome Team Boston to LJIC! These 23 amazing individuals are running across the US to create awareness and fundraising for Cancer Research. They made a stop in Fort Dodge and we are very happy to have them stay with us at the LJIC Xanadu Apartments. Students treated them to much needed reflexology services. Good Luck everyone on the rest of your adventure ahead! 

            LJIC at Brody Middle School’s “Through This Together”

            Date: February 14, 2018

            On Wednesday, February 14th, students from spent a portion of their Valentine’s Day at where they participated in a moving event calling . Hundreds of people were in attendance showing their support for those battling cancer. LJIC students had the opportunity to sit in on the assembly, hearing stories of courage & strength. Each story making you realize how close to 头头彩票网 cancer really is, but WE CAN beat it!!

            This is Brody’s 5th year of “Through This Together” and LJIC is very honored to be a part of it once again! Brody, your staff & students are amazing!! The energy was high and uplifting! As the assembly ended, LJIC students lined up behind the chairs & helped over 20 people who either received a close clipper cut or decided to have their ponytails “shortened” and then donated to Locks of Love. Once the cutting began… the gymnasium was filled with clapping, cheering & lots of excitement!

            Check out the pictures:

            To learn more about La’ James International College, contact a Career Planner at 888.880.2108 or visit us online at www. today!

            ★★ Stay Connected with LJIC! ★★

            CBI Student Competition:

            Start date: February 11, 2018

            End date: February 12, 2018

            Date: February 11, 2018
            Time: Competitors report in at 9:30am Competition starts at 10:00am
            Where: Prairie Meadows Event & Conference Room, Altoona
            Theme: Everything Old is New Again
            Attached are the rules & registration forms that give a little more details.

            Also, the School Owner’s Association is fundraising for St Baldrick’s in correlation with the CBI event this year.

            Here is the link to the page where you can make a donation: All the School Owners in Iowa are participating including LJIC. We are looking for volunteers to come and have their heads shaved at the event as well as donations! Our goal is 10,000!

            LJIC Iowa City – 2nd Place at CBI 2018!

            Date: February 11, 2018


            Shout out to ! On February 11th, Cosmetology  Students Lisa, Sam & Audrey took 头头彩票网 2nd place in the 2018 Student Competition. This is an incredible event for all schools to have the chance to compete against one another. We are very proud to see an LJIC campus take 头头彩票网 a win! 

            Nails by Lisa Henkhaus
            Hair by Sam Willoughby
            Makeup by Audrey Martin
            Inspiration for their look was “Alice”.

            IMG954858 IMG954172 IMG954173

            Prom 2018: Your Skin Is In!

            Start date: January 28, 2018

            End date: January 29, 2018


            Mercy Medical Center’s Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is hosting a free, Pre-Prom Skin Cancer Awareness Event on January 28th from 2pm-4pm and La’ James International College Cedar Rapids is very excited to be participating once again.

            This exciting event is aimed at keeping young people out of the sun and away from tanning booths, especially as prom season nears. This pre-prom event will include sunless tanning tips, as well as a fashion show highlighting the latest dress styles, where LJIC Cedar Rapids will be assisting with both hair & makeup!

            We look forward to seeing you there! For more information visit

            LJIC Cedar Rapids at the Iowa Wedding Expo

            Date: January 21, 2018


            The Iowa Wedding Expo is back to bring you one of the best shows in Eastern Iowa! On Sunday, January 21st at the Coralville Marriott, La’ James International College Cedar Rapids will be participating in this one-of-a-kind event!

            Be sure to catch the exciting Runway show that runs from 11am-12pm, where LJIC Cedar Rapids will be assisting with both hair & makeup. 12pm-3pm is the Expo, where you can meet over 70 vendors in one location… photographers, caterers, bakeries & even location venues. PLUS, don’t forget to visit the LJIC booth!

            We look forward to seeing you there! For more information visit  

            COSMOHair Star Search

            Date: January 5, 2018


            We are looking at this announcement as both a job opportunity and also as exciting events to be a part of throughout all of 2018. Registration ends January 5th. Attached is an image and here is the link for more information:

            COSMO Hair by Cosmopolitan is looking for stylists, sales associates, stage presenters and models to educate and provide the highest quality of hair on the market while traveling to the nation’s largest trade shows during 2018!

            Tailgate Tours – Makeup Kit Winner!!

            Date: December 28, 2017

            Throughout the Fall Season, LJIC visited local high schools for the Tailgate Tours, where we met with many young individuals who share an interest in the Health & Beauty Industry. This year we decided to add a giveaway to the FUN! Students had the opportunity to register to win a OFRA Makeup Kit!

            We are very excited to announce that Gabi, a Senior at Solon High School was the lucky winner of our OFRA Makeup Kit drawing! On Dec. 28th, we welcomed both Gabi & her mother to the LJIC Iowa City campus. It was a pleasure getting to meet with you both & congratulations again Gabi! 

            IMG_3664 IMG_3662

            Workplace Learning Connection 2017 Fall Internship Program

            Date: December 20, 2017


            Marion High School senior, Paige Martinson, explored careers through WLC’s job shadow program. “They were interesting but not what i wanted to do. I realized I wanted to consider Esthetics and it’s not like you can take classes in that in high school, so I signed up for an internship through WLC.” She’s glad she did! She’s working with Tracy Ladage, Administrator at La James International College in Cedar Rapids and seeing all the aspects of opportunity in cosmetology. “This is fantastic! I was nervous at first but everyone is so nice! I’m learning from everyone – even the clients!” It’s not just the skills of cosmetology that Paige is learning. “I manage my time better now because of this internship. My family is not so good at that, but I decided I need to be different. I want to be reliable so people can count on me. I take better care of my skin, too! So that’s good!” Within the next few years, we’ll be able to benefit from Paige’s skill in a local salon. Tracy added, “She’s doing great! We’re just waiting for her to graduate!”

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